Difference between framework and methodology

What is the difference between a systemic framework and a systems methodology?

Jackson has the following to say in his textbook System Approaches to Management “In SSM Mode 2 the methodology is taken as the framework of ideas employed to enable rigorous, systemic reflection upon the everyday flux of ideas and events (pg 257).

Methodology according to Checkland “A set of ongoing principles which can be adapted for use in a  way which suits a specific nature of its situation in which it is used”

In “Understanding and Evaluating Methodologies” (Jayaratna N. 1997) the following definitions are provided:

“Framework: is a meta-level (a higher level of abstraction) through which a range of concepts, models, techniques, methodologies can either be clarified and/or integrated.  A framework is a static model.”     My question to this is : How can it be a static model if you can add or take away various concepts, models, techniques and  methodologies depending on the context of the research?

“Methodology: is an explicit way of structuring one’s thinking and actions.  Methodologies contain model(s) and reflect particular perspectives of ‘reality’ based on a set of philosophical paradigms.  A methodology should tell us what steps to take, in what order and how to perform those steps but, most importantly, the reasons ‘why’ those steps should be taken, in particular order.”


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  2. sdas says:

    thanks, this is helping me to clarify the difference of the two for my masters thesis

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