Systems Failure Method

Further to my posting last week on methodologies  I have been spending some time look at the Systems Failure Method (Fortune and Peters 2005).  This comprises of comparing between a system representation of the situation that is being investigated with a Formal Systems Model (FSM).  FSM is that of a model of a robust system ‘that is capable of purposeful activity without failure. ‘ The Formal Systems Model was developed from Checkland.   This then leads me to the questions what is the difference between the purpose of the conceptual models that are developed within SSM and the FSM?   Is it that one has a lot more detail and has other sub systems nested within it?  But if that is the case you can have conceptual models nested within other models in SSM as well.   The comparing of the FSM with a system representation is also similar to comparing your conceptual model with what is actually taking place within the ‘real world’ and using that comparison to  decide what action to take.


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