NHS Direct – the end in sight………

The government has announced that NHSD will be superseded by a new telephone help line 111.   This will be primarily for giving advice to callers as to where is the most appropriate place for them to obtain advice for their particular health problem.   So is this going back to NHSD original purpose and just using a different number.

Here are a couple of links relating to this story:

Department of Health

Health Service Journal:


BBC Comments

BMJ  :

The chief executive of NHS Direct, Nick Chapman, speaking to the BMJ , said that NHS Direct is not under threat.    Mr Chapman said, “When people heard the [media] coverage at the weekend, they thought they heard we were being abolished and everything we do, whereas in fact what is being said is that the government is changing the specification of the service that sits behind 0845 4647 and translating it into a new telephone number and a new way of delivering the service.

“We would have every expectation of being one of the providers of that new 111 service. It will be in commissioners’ hands as to who they want to provide the service.”


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