Comment on NHS Direct leadership!!!!

The following was a comment in the New Statesman on 10th September 2010:

The chief executive of NHS Direct, Nick Chapman, has been smoothly sanguine about it,
offering the risible defence that 111 would be an easier number for people to remember. Oh, and the new service will offer better value for money and “be a more seamless service”. No wonder NHS Direct was open to attack, with that level of brave leadership at the top.
And the chair of NHS Direct? She is Joanne Shaw, appointed in January. She also happens
to be chair of Datapharm, which – who would have guessed it? – “provides digital medicines information to the NHS, the pharmaceutical industry and the general public”.
Datapharm may be a not-for-profit organisation but it is funded by 170 pharmaceutical
companies. I’m sure they will be very interested in the advice given out by NHS 111. Incidentally, you can follow Shaw on Twitter at “EvolvingPatient”, though there has scarcely been a tweet about the NHS Direct closure thus far, at least at the time of writing.


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