PhD blog and chat on Twitter

Great post on the Guardian’s Higher Education Network about blogging whilst writing your PhD.   This is something that i am trying to develop and not having much luck!  Maybe talking to a community within Twitter, see #phdchat might help as well.   Keeping fingers crossed.


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2 Responses to PhD blog and chat on Twitter

  1. Liz says:

    Hi, I’m trying the same tentatively – I’ve not got a wordpress site like yours but wondering if I should start one. Did it take long to set up? I tried it once years ago and it was a bit of a pain back then.

    • Ariana Yakas says:

      Hi Liz! The blog took me less than a day to set up! It is really straightforward and actually, if you can be disciplined, then a good way of keeping a record of some of your thinking. Best of luck with yours.

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