Meetings with Supervisors

I will post here details of my meetings with my supervisors : dates, items discussed etc and what has been agreed.

Friday 26th June:

Met with supervisor.  Good discussion on how I move forward.  Agreed to produce the following:

1. Project Plan – asap

2. Time line on NHS changes in the last ten years – do as a literature review.

3.  Take the NHS Ethical Approval forward

4. Start to think about how to formulate your next questions.

19th May 2010

I have not been adding an update on my blog regarding my meetings but will do so from now.  Good discipline to get into.

Discussed my current fieldwork and the article I drafted for Operational Research

Progress with fieldwork

This is progressing fine now that a different case study has been identified.  One interview to be done this week and another one to be set up.  Hopefully that should be the end of the fieldwork.

Next step is to map out what is being identified within the case study using the modified SSM with the view to trying to understand what is going on.  Question to ask ‘Do organisations develop a ‘mess’ that suits them?  There appears to be a difference between the public perception of NHS Direct as that of one homogenous service and a very different one that is present on the PCT level – a service that is moulded or not to meet the needs of the PCT.

So what does this tell me about what my phd is about – What does NHS Direct tell you about how a service like this is being utilised and is systems thinking any good at helping understand the richness and complexity.  What have the  systems tools and techniques told me about a situation such as NHS Direct.  At the same time what does this say about the tools and techniques themselves.   Important to focus on just the former at the moment and perhaps within the discussion bring in some debate on the latter.

Compare rhetoric with reality –  The NHS itself has been deemed to be about 600 organisations, so the question to ask is how could an innovation such as NHS Direct sit across, as one size fits all, across all these organisations, as it is officially portrayed.

Action: Need to map out what is going on in Birmingham and understand it.

Key system terms: Boundaries, Environmental factors, Perceptions, Power relations

Operational Research article

First draft was fine though it changed focus half way through and then included sign postings for what might have to go into the PhD.  After discussions it was agreed to refocus it on looking at evaluatory studies of NHS Direct and how can systems thinking inform the process.  This will be done via looking at NHS Direct and its evaluations.

Action: Produce one side of A4 on the abstract of the paper.


1 Response to Meetings with Supervisors

  1. Ariana Yakas says:

    14th July
    1. First papers for Ethical approval have been sent off.
    Draft to the Open University and also to the local REC Office.
    2. Now working on project plans

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